Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Google Search

Works with:  iPad, iPhone, iPod
Price:  $Free
Curriculum areas:  Language (English), Science, Social Studies (incl. History/Geography), French, Special Education
Strengths:  Collaboration, Creative, Reading, Writing, Reference, Content/Resources, Teacher Tools, Communication
Grades:  Primary (Gr. 1 - 3), Junior (Gr. 4 - 6), Intermediate (Gr. 7-10), Senior (Gr. 11 - 12), Teachers/Administrators
Description:  Google Search is Google's official app for iOS devices (they also have specific apps for Maps, etc.).  It allows users three ways to access Google Search; 1. Type in a search term, 2. Use voice (i.e. "Define: triangle") 3.  Goggles (search for similar images using the built in camera).  The voice search feature along makes this app worthwhile, especially when working with students who use non-conventional spelling.

Another advantage of using the Google Search app is that it allows users to access several of Google's other tools such as Docs, Calendar, Gmail, Translate, etc.

This app can be tied to a personal Gmail account, a Google Apps account, or just used on it's own without being signed in.
Initial usefulness rating: 4

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