Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Works with:  iPad, iPhone, iPod
Price:  $Free
Curriculum areas:  Language (English), Math, Science, Social Studies (incl. History/Geography), French, PhysEd/Health, Art, Special Education
Strengths:  Collaboration, Content/Resources, Teacher Tools
Grades:  Junior (Gr. 4 - 6), Intermediate (Gr. 7-10), Senior (Gr. 11 - 12), Teachers/Administrators
Description:  Dropbox ( is an online web tool that gives users 2 GB of online storage space.  Files (documents, pictures, etc.) are stored online but can be synced between many devices as well as accessed through their website. 

This tool allow teachers to both share resources out to students (i.e. push out a text, graphic organizer or other file) and gives students and teachers a place to save their work. 

The primary advantage of Dropbox in relation to iOS devices, is that it gives teachers and students a way to get content off of the iPad.  This is particularly important in multi-user environments (like most of our schools).  Any work uploaded to Dropbox can then be accessed by the teacher through another portable device (not just iOS - Blackberry, etc. also work) or a desktop computer.

Another strong feature of Dropbox that makes it worth using is that many other apps work with Dropbox.  For example, Explain Everything and Docs to Go, allow you to access and save your work in Dropbox.

Dropbox can easily upload anything saved in the Camera Roll.
Initial usefulness rating: 5

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