Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Keep Students On-Task/On-App with Accessibility Settings

One of the issues that is often raised when discussing the use of handheld and portable apps in the classroom is that of controlling what the students are doing (i.e.  "How can I make sure that students are doing what I want them to, and not checking their Facebook accounts?").  While the most effective way to do this is through developing common expectations for the use of technology in the classroom with students and creating a culture in which they are respected, sometimes that doesn't happen quite the way that we anticipate or some students intentionally (or unintentionally with younger students) "accidently" move on from the assigned task or app.

Two resources explaining a method of keeping students "on-app" through the use of the Accessibility settings in iOS devices.  Check out the posts below for more info on how to restrict students to using a certain app by requiring a password to switch apps.