Friday, 1 June 2012


Works with:  iPad

Price:  $Free


Curriculum areas:  Language (English), Science, Social Studies (incl. History/Geography), Special Education

Strengths:  Reading, Reference, Content/Resources

Grades:  Junior (Gr. 4 - 6), Intermediate (Gr. 7-10), Senior (Gr. 11 - 12)

Description:  Qwiki is an app that works with Wikipedia, Google, Fotopedia and YouTube to create an accessible, interactive multimedia encyclopedia.  The majority of the content (text and images) seems to be sourced from Wikipedia and the other sources are supplementary.  One of the benefits of this app is that (by default) the text of the articles is read aloud, helping younger students and students with IEPs access the texts.  As images are featured, students can click on the images to enlarge them and view the original source material.

Initial usefulness rating: 1

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