Friday, 11 May 2012

Explain Everything

Works with:  iPad
Price:  $2.99
Curriculum areas:  Language (English), Math, Science, Social Studies (incl. History/Geography), French, PhysEd/Health, French
Strengths:  Creative, Content/Resources
Grades:  Junior (Gr. 4 - 6), Intermediate (Gr. 7-10), Teachers
Description:  This is a powerful creative app that can be used for many purposes.  Explain everything is a whiteboard tool that allows users to integrate photos, web pages etc. into their whiteboard.  Students can add text, draw, add shapes, etc. across multiple whiteboard surfaces.  In addition, they can record voiceover as they talk through the solution to a problem, make judgements and explain their evidence for them using the tool.  Student presentations can be saved as movie files on the iPad or exported to Dropbox allowing a teacher to view them from a desktop.
Initial usefulness rating: 5

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